Membership is for those who have found Summit Creek Church to be their home church. Our members believe that God has called them to share in Summit Creek's mission of making authentic disciples for Jesus in the Eugene area. Having church membership helps our leadership know who we can depend on, and it also helps you to grow spiritually through commitment and accountability.

If you want to become a member of Summit Creek Church, we would ask you to take three practical steps first:

  • Become a baptized follower of Jesus. 
  • Be a consistent member in our Sunday Services and in a Small Group
  • Complete all four sessions of our Summit Creek Series

After finishing the Summit Creek Series, you can complete a membership form which will be available to you at any of our sessions. We will review your membership form to see if you have any remaining questions about what we believe and what we expect of our members. We will then approve your membership. Once you become a member and have truly made Summit Creek Church your home, we ask that you faithfully follow each of these commitments:

  • Remain faithful to our Affirmation of Bible Beliefs and Values and the Historic Christian Creeds.
  • Attend our weekly Sunday Service and your Small Group consistently.
  • Serve others in at least one area at the church and attend the monthly Team Meeting.
  • Tithe consistently to support your local church, and give generous offerings as you desire.
  • Follow the leadership of the Pastors and Overseers under the provisions of our by-laws.