Summit Creek is a new church that began with a team of 41 people moving to Eugene in the summer of 2015. It is the second church plant sent out by Blue Sky Church in Bellevue, WA. It is also one of three churches that were sent out in the summer of 2015 from the small network of churches to which we belong.

The idea of planting a church in Eugene has been in the minds and prayers of Blue Sky's leaders and overseers for a number of years. With a shared vision of planting churches in university cities, the home of the University of Oregon felt like a natural location.

In October of 2014, the overseers of Blue Sky felt that God was leading them to send out its second church plant in 2015, and that David Chery (Blue Sky's pastor responsible for operations), was called to lead it.

Convinced Jesus was leading in this, David and his wife Laura sold their house in Seattle, and gathered team members for the new church, beginning in September. The spring of 2015 was spent making preparations for the move to Eugene and the start of a new church!

One of the desires of Summit Creek Church is to be a local church where people can come in and learn about Jesus in a way that impacts and changes their lives. We also hope to be a church that plants many other healthy local churches in university cities throughout the west coast and beyond.

About Blue Sky Church - Summit Creek's Sending Church

Summit Creek Church’s history ties back to the history of Blue Sky Church, which in turn goes back well before that. Steve Morgan, Blue Sky's lead pastor, started Vine Church in Carbondale, Illinois in 1995 with 6 people. After a few years, the church had grown to over 600 people. While at a conference in 2003, Steve felt God's leading to "do it again," specifically feeling God's direction to start a new church in the Seattle area. After much prayer, counsel, and confirmation, Steve, his family, and a team of about 50 people relocated and made Seattle home. David Chery, the lead pastor of Summit Creek Church, was one of the original team members. Since the summer of 2004, Blue Sky has continued to grow into a vibrant church made up of people from all around the Seattle area.